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Situated in the Rewa district, Madhya Pradesh these places are famous for being the origin of the White Tiger lineage. World’s first ever white tiger, which later came to be known as Mohan, was spotted by the Rewa Maharaja Martand Singh while out on hunting in the forests surrounding these places. All the white tigers present around the world are his progeny. These places are also famous for their temples, palaces, forts and museums!

Rail and Road:
From Allahabad by road 130 km
From Khajuraho by road 165 km
From Satna by road 50 km
From Bandhavgarh National Park 120 km
From Jabalpur by road 175 km
From Rewa by road 25 km
Air: Jabalpur, Khajuraho and Allahabad

October to April

1)Maihar (65 Km, 2 Hours by road) Famous for Pilgrimage and Forts, with stay options available

2)Datia (362 Km, 8 Hours by road) Famous for Temples, Palaces and Pilgrimage

3)Panna Nationl Park (109 Km, 2 Hours by road) Famous for Wildlife Safaris, with stay options available

4)Bandhavgarh National Park (144 Km, 3 Hours by road) Famous for wildlife safaris, shesh shaiya and bandhavgarh fort with stay options available.